Antonia Thomas at the Northern Soul premiere.

I would have liked to see Simon try to save Alisha in the actually show but if i remember correctly I believe he said that he did try many times to save her but in the end she would always die anyway. Maybe she could live a little longer but that would be it. I think the whole point of it all was some things just can't be changed.

I need to rewatch this show again (and also make .gifs) but he probably did say that but …idk man this whole thing is just off to me in a way. 

He had no choice. Because he knew he had to go back and be the guy in the mask it was "his destiny" and not doing so would rewrite time. Plus, as super hoody he saved all of them loads of times!

I see your point, but there is still apart of me that wants to see the story line where Alisha did fall in love with him, without SH causing this allure and attraction, ya know?


Making Of - Christmas Special

maybe the purpose was so alisha would live longer?

but why let her live a little longer? why not let her live for as long as she possible could? like make her a wife or something idk man just more than making her fall in love you with over and over and over again

after watching that video i realized i am still pissed about simon going back in time to make alisha fall in love with him but did not. save. her. life.

Misfits: Series 1-3 Retrospective

Edited by me. Major spoilers ahead.

Basically the best video I have seen depicting the story of Misfits throughout the seasons. (Also, if you want to take a trip down memory lane I highly recommend!)

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Broad City
or Misfits

Misfits MemeTickles My Pickle (whatever floats your boat)