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Hey guys, as you may remember last year we put together a digital collage for Joe’s birthday consisting of art, letters, and all sorts of other messages of love for our favourite dude. He even responded with a video message and let us know that we made him cry and it was the best birthday ever.

This year we would like to do something similar, but since it is Joe’s 30th Birthday, we want to make it even bigger and better, so we need tons of submissions. Please see Cristina’s message from the Joe Gilgun Army below to see how you can contribute:


Hi my lovelies!
As you know, Joe turns 30 on 9th March. Last year our little gift was much appreciated and it was quite funny for me to put all the messages together. 
This year I would like to organise something similar in order to show him our love and support, cause you know, it seems he’s still not fully aware of his awesomeness and presence in our hearts and he deserves to know that. 
I would like people to write down a message for Joe as if they were talking to a good friend, or to draw something that makes him crack up (or maybe a possible tattoo idea- I know I’m annoying!) or to make a video, to take a photo or whatever comes from their brilliant minds. They can send everything at joegilgunarmy@gmail.comuntil 8th March.

Joe doesn’t have twitter but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give a shit about us, and proper fans know that.
Thanks Sara and Abby for your costant and huge support, hope everyone got involved and enjoyed the project! :)
Feel free to contact me for any questions or suggestions!
Hope you’re doing good,
Much love to you all <3


Lauren and Joe taking an interview 100% seriously (x)


Dying of cuteness right now!!! Joe you are adorable!!! 


Dying of cuteness right now!!! Joe you are adorable!!! 

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